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      A little more detail on the Hydraulic clutch and Hydroboost.

      The hydraulic clutch is a slave setup from Daze. I originally used the master from Daze also, but I didn't like the plastic reservoir setup, so I replaced the master with this: It's got a 13/16 bore and 1.4" stroke, so plenty of fluid volume to operate the clutch slave. You can see it tucked in here under the hydroboost, braided steel line to the slave:

      The Hydroboost and master cylinder were off of a 2000 mustang, picked up last summer at Carlisle. The hydroboost had its own challenges, and I fiddled with a few different scenarios to get it where I wanted it.

      I originally cut down the bracket that was on the hydroboost and drilled it so it would be bolted in by the firewall bolts that hold the pedal support to the firewall. However, since it held the hyrdroboost at an upward angle, it didn't line up with the brake pedal pin. Some folks have moved it up on the firewall but I didn't, instead I got a flat bracket from Tallon hydraulics to mount it level.

      Of course, now that it was level, it interfered with the Hydraulic clutch master. To resolve that, we rotated (clocked it) so that there was room for the clutch master. To do that, I had to grind the notch out of the Tallon bracket so it would rotate.

      Then, with it rotated, the brake master was no longer level. To resolve that I decided to go with a remote brake reservoir. I got my hands on a Mercury Villager master and remote reservoir, but the master would have needed massaging to fit, so I decided to use the remote reservoir with the Mustang hydroboost master.

      I was a bit concerned that the brake master might have clearance issues with the shock tower, but after fitting everything, it has a sold 1/2" of clearance without being tilted upward, so yeehah!

      Ultimately, I decided I didn't like the villager plastic reservoir setup either, so I ordered some master cylinder remote billet reservoir nipples from Lodestone Billetworks. Then we ordered a billet CNC remote reservoir setup.

      Here's some pics of the whole setup. Power steering hoses still aren't hooked up yet, and we're going to replace the black rubber remote reservoir lines with braided lines, but you get the idea. In this first pic, you can see the hydroboost setup, with the hydraulic clutch master, and the borgeson box, all tucked in to that small amount on real estate in the corner of the engine bay. Also, just lying there is the proportioning valve/distribution block for the brakes, which has since been installed along with all the brake lines, (but I need to get some pics of that):

      Here's an overall look at the engine bay, with the remote reservoirs installed and plumbed temporarily with black rubber hoses:

      And, here's a pic of the clutch and hydroboost pushrods poking through on the inside of the firewall, waiting for pedal installation:

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      A M/C with slightly more stroke (about 1.5-1.7") would be better suited, but I have not found one.

      If Tilton, Wilwood, CNC were to offer a M/C with more stroke, I would buy one tomorrow.
      The one I installed is 1.4" stroke, 13/16 bore.

      It feels like it requires more pressure than I'd like, but we haven't driven it yet so we'll see. The Slave is CNC 7/8" bore slave.

      Pic in my car:

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