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      "....Would be interested to hear what can be done to the 289 to get it a bit more lively. I assume heads and a cam and headers would be a start. i have done a paxson in the past and it sapped too much low end for my tastes? ........"
      set up right you shouldn't lose any power at any rpm (over 1,200-1,300) from a vintage Paxton. In only a hundred rpm or so they are making much more power than it takes to turn the pulley. At 2,000 rpm I'm producing 2 lbs. boost, at 3,000 rpm it's over 3 lbs. Jetting is not always easy and you have to be patient to get 100% of the potential.

      Otherwise, If you've decided against supercharging, for about the same amount of money, in your place I'd get a set iron heads that have bigger valves, and flow decently, like these:

      World Products 053030-1 - World Products Windsor Jr Cylinder Heads - Overview -

      another cam suited to your needs

      a 650 Holley carb

      a 2.5" free flowing exhaust system like the magnaflow stainless

      that should be enough to add substantial horsepower increase over what you have now at a cost of only $1,500 for all the about items.


      p.s. re my previous post; I've been ripped off on a car purchase before, so I'm not unsympathetic to what you are going thru. Just vow to learn from your experience. No one gets thru life without a few scars...

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      Ok, so I took the heads in and bad news one is shot. It's cracked in several places and is not worth repairing. Machine shop is looking for another head. I'm wondering is it worth it or should I just get new heads. By the time I get everything done to the heads that needs to be I can get a new set complete with valves from Summit for about the same price.
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