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      This is my first post, and im accustomed to posting an into first, so ill just slap it on the front end of this questionare of sorts

      First off, My name is Dan and im 22. I live in PA, and im NEW to vintage mustangs. I have alot to learn, and am willing. Currently, im deployed to Iraq, and will be home shortly wrench in hand.

      Im no gear head by any means, but i just purchased a '67 6cyl auto coupe. Body is in good shape, just needs a little reworking. This is a project for me and my father (who has been not just a mustang enthusiest for years, but a ford enthusiest for years). He will be the brains behind this operation. However, i am doing all i can to learn up.

      He had a 351w sitting in his garage he has donated to the project. We have both selected a T-5 convertion kit from Modern Driveline.

      These are the parts i have selected for the car myself through help of one of my buddys here with me. The goal is a good combination of reliablility and streetability, with a little 'UMPH'.

      Summit Cam - Duration 204/214 Lift .448"/.472"

      Summit Street/Strip Stage II Intake

      Wolrd Products Windsor Sr. Iron Heads

      Edelbrock 1411 Carb

      Anyone good at estimating HP gain? Any suggestions are helpful to improve that number. Without the stroker, I'd like to be spending 2000, AT THE VERY MOST 2500.

      Now my father had said about stroking it. I understand it adds cubes, am i right as guessing its more of a tourque thing?

      I wont keep typing all the tons and tons of questions i have, ill get to them in due time im sure. Thanks for the help in advance.
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