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  1. Neck surgery pic.

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    I'm looking at having similar surgery- disk removal and fusion. The incision would look like yours. So far physical therapy has kept me from having to have the surgery. Speedy recovery to you!
  2. Careful...

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    When you said you were standing on the snake it reminded me of this story. Lady was knocking a wasp nest down and thought she was getting stung on the foot.
  3. Spoiled by modern cars

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    After you get your AC installed can you work on installing mine? After all this rain is over it's going to be super hot again.
  4. Hill Country Mini Cruise on Sunday, March 11, 2018

    Texas VMFers
    Man, I think you guys will be gone by the time I drive through Blanco Sunday on the way to Goldthwaite.
  5. Very Original 1965 Mustang Fastback San Antonio TX

    1964 1/2 through 1966 Mustangs For Sale
    Dang! I'll sell mine for only $24K. :)
  6. Cut my Cable Cord Yesterday

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    We had Directv for 17 yrs. My neighbor told me about this device. Now all we pay for is internet/phone.
  7. any iHeart radio users here? possible problem

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    You can create your own station with iHeart. I have mostly 80's metal and new wave and some Chris Cornell too.
  8. Need financial advice for my recently widowed mother.

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    Update: My sister and I met with an attorney who specializes in elder law. She gave us a lot of good advice and things to think about. She mentioned doing a Medicaid compliant annuity with a term limit and specific to her needs. She told my sister to get a stronger power of attorney and to get...
  9. Need financial advice for my recently widowed mother.

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    Additionally, my sister is also going to get some advice from an acquaintance who is a reputable accountant. He is not going to charge for his advice and has no financial interest. I originally posted my mother would need to be in a care facility within 5 years.The way this is progressing the...
  10. Need financial advice for my recently widowed mother.

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    Need some feedback from somebody in the business or someone who has had first hand experience. So, my father passed away back March. My parents were married 56yrs. They were not risk takers financially so only had CDs and IRAs. My mother receives income from my father's social security and...
  11. This guy is from the asylum!

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    Not many flute rockers out there.
  12. Favorite fast food place

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    Local stuff in Mills Cnty: Don Seward had the best cheeseburgers when he had the Wagon Wheel. I like Brad's Burgers over in Lampasas. His chicken fried steak burgers are good! Better than Storms.
  13. Favorite fast food place

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
  14. RIP Chris Cornell

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    I watched a lot of his concerts and most of them were acoustic. Just him and a guy on the cello. Different song set too for the most part. Check out this one. I need to check out the concerts just previous to his last to see if he decided to kind of go back to his roots. I guess I'd use the...
  15. Texas Hill Country Drive April 8th

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I don't trust my Mustang for that far of a trip, but would like to coordinate this with a visit to the family ranch near Goldthwaite. They have car shows at the park in Goldthwaite. Maybe you could bring your ride there sometime?
  16. Texas Hill Country Drive April 8th

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Maybe Russell would open Mustang Mania just for such a "special occasion"! Maybe not.
  17. Texas Hill Country Drive April 8th

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Does this trip include a stop at Mustang Mania in Round Mountain?
  18. It was a gorgeous day in the NE today!

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Nice day here too, but quite warm. Planting my Spring garden this weekend. Still got the house A/C running and it's 7:18 in the pm.
  19. '66 289 C4 transmission cooling line routing?

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    How have you been? Where are you getting the car from?
  20. 1966 Texas License Plates for Sale

    1964 1/2 through 1966 Mustang Parts For Sale
    Where did you get those, Rick? Did you get your California Special done?
1-20 of 261 Results