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  1. Any opinions on these seats?

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    They are....beautiful(sigh) :) Thanks for the pics!
  2. Fixing the Slop

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Its possible. I myself would describe it as a lack of response to input. When I can drive down the road, saw the wheel an inch and a half or so in either direction and the car still tracks straight, that''s what I think of when I mean 'slop'. Like Harvey Korman driving during a skit on the...
  3. Any opinions on these seats?

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I love their stuff, but I TOTALLY agree with you. I have my eyes on a pair of these, and actually plan to add in the cost of having a shop remove the panels with the logo. I cant understand why they would make the logo so large and conspicuous. How about just a small tag along the piping? Sheesh.
  4. Seeking advice with steering upgrade

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Looking for advice on which path to take with my power steering. I enjoy power assist and have no desire to go to manual. I will be doing a total front end rebuild on my 66 289 coupe which has original style P/S with valve and ram. The valve and ram are actually in good shape, no leaks on the...
  5. Biggest Flop in Automotive History?

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    Skyliner :)
  6. Ride height opinions

    Mod and Custom Forum
    It literally is perfect. Low but not too low, entire tire visible with no big gap. No rubbing when turning lock to lock. Dont mess with perfection :)
  7. Daytona Turkey Run

    Southeast US VMFers
    LOL!! Well, since you is why Im "Mustang Joe" :laugh: My 66 Coupe and my progression of daily drivers - 02, 07, 13, and current 16 GT :) Wish I could have kept each one! Thanks for the welcome :)
  8. Daytona Turkey Run

    Southeast US VMFers
    Hello all, Im new to the forum, although if anyone is old enough to remember usenet newsgroups I used to read vintage mustang over there all the time - just found this forum thru a google search :) I have a 66 coupe im working on and daily a 2016 GT. I live within a hours drive of the Turkey...
1-8 of 8 Results