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"Crusty Ivy" parked solo in the garage of a bowling alley.
Grabbing a bite in my Southern California daily driver, a 1966 C Code Mustang Convertible
66 coupe - spare time build
My 1967 mustang that my dad bought brand new
1971 Sportsroof, Before and After Restoration Photos
My 67 FB, ghost of someone’s gym bag reads Martha in reverse on the rear seat!
Taking in Adams County at a Show
Single family owned (Diamond Blue)
1966 Ford Mustang Nightmist Blue
1966 Ford Mustang (Tahoe Turquoise)
1967 Mercury Cougar (Glacier Blue)
1970 Ford Mustang (Calypso Coral)
1966 Ford Mustang GT. K model (Cranberry Red)
2007 Factory Five Cobra 427 wide body (Red)
1967 Ford Mustang coupe (Blue)
1970 Ford Convertible (Red)
1966 Ford Mustang (Emberglo Orange)
1967 Ford Mustang (Burgandy)