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1967 289 in my '66 engine bay
Mustang is currently work in progress.
Complete Tach Dash set up w/ complete under dash and engine bay harness
Yellow 1970 Mach 1, 351C-4v, shaker hood, auto, stock.
Picked up on March 27 2020 with 302 and c4
289 1965 mustang coupe
67 vert lime gold 200 6& c4
My 1965 FastBack Mustang Tribute. Called bad boy blue
For sale 12,000
Couple of ponies
My white 1966 Factory GT convertible "66GTCNV"
1968 Seafoam Green Mustang Coupe
1969 Mustang Coupe - My sister bought it 50 yrs ago while attending UCLA. I restomoded over a 2+ yr project based upon her wishes and a little kick of mine.
Portrait of an Autolight 4100 Rebuild in Progress
Drive train completely rebuilt. 289 V8 + .040. valve train comp cams hydraulic roller. electric fuel pump and cooling fan. edlebrock performer intake and 650 cfm 4 barrel carb. TCI performance rebuild on original C4 transmission. 3.55 posi 8" rear end. dual exhaust from headers all the way to...
"Old Blue" a 1965 Mustang Fastback, A build in progress.
"Crusty Ivy" parked solo in the garage of a bowling alley.
Grabbing a bite in my Southern California daily driver, a 1966 C Code Mustang Convertible