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General Information

Mach 1
Pepper Gary
Everything Custom
Found this 70 Mach 1 on eBay. Went up to Forestville just West of Santa Rosa. My wife could not believe I purchased a car in pieces. This was perfect for a total rebuild the way I wanted. I wanted something different than the standard Mach 1 with a smooth clean look. This is what I now have after 2 years of total rebuild. Luckily there wasn't a ton of rust which made things easier. I had to replace just about all of the mechanical items due to being broken, rusted beyond repair or missing. I also added a lot of modern items. Sequential tail turn signals, electric windows, third brake light integrated with interior dome light LED lights inside and out. Custom front side lights like the 2014 and newer have next to the head lights (2 lights horizontal). New engine with a 4R70W trans which was rebuilt by Art Carr in Huntington beach, Ca. All new front and rear suspension from TCI with Wilwood brakes with HR99 wheels dressed with Michelin 245-45-18 tires.
1970 Ford Mach 1 (Pepper Gary)


New engine with a new 4R70W which was overhauled by Art Carr in Huntington Beach, Ca.
The engine block was from a Cougar with Edelbroke heads and intake with a MSD EFI.
JBA headers running thru Magna Flow exhaust.
The only original item in the interior is the head liner.
All of the inside surfaces have been sprayed with
No badges any where just a black Mustang gas cap
All new chrome on the windows, hood along with new bumpers
Not much change just a 4 speaker am/fm radio
TCI front and rear
The under carriage was wire wheeled then primed and sprayed with under coving
Wheel and Tire
HR99 Coddington wheels with Michelin 245-45-18 tires



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