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Showcase cover image for 66 Shelby

General Information

Shelby GT350H
White w/Gold Stripes
Purchased in 1974. Previous owner was a migrant worker who bought it in Florida after a summer of picking citrus. I first saw the car in 1968 or 69. Sometime in the ensuing years the owner ran off the road and hit a concrete culvert with the left front. I paid $600 for it and dragged it away on a trailer. Oil pan was cracked, auto trans bellhousing was cracked. I found a wrecked 4 speed Mustang and liberated all the parts I needed to repair and convert to 4 speed. After some shoddy body work and lousy paint job it was pressed into service as a daily driver. It got stored away at the family farm many years as I moved around with my job. Started restoration after I retired and completed in 2010.
1966 Ford Shelby GT350H (White w/Gold Stripes)



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