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Raven Black
My Dad purchased this car for me Dec 1974 I was 14 yo. While watching my sister and brother opening their Christmas presents I did not see one under the tree for me!! That morning he took me outside and into the side yard and there she was. A 1967 Mustang convertible; ripped top, sitting on its gas tank, with a 6cyl, 3-speed, 4 lug wheels on the front. It was raven black and she was mine! I had spent most of my time building racing flatheads for my Dad's cars. We spent countless hours at the strips, Bonneville, la Mirage and swap meets. I was privalaged to hang out with many racing ledgends including Dean Moon, Tom Hutchenson, Isskandarian, Wes Cooper, Ed Winfield, Dick Westfall, Al Hunter and the like. All of the guys helped me.
By October 1976 (I was now 16yo) I had made her a functional race car; 289 .030 over, Crane 3/4 race cam, Hooker headers, Edelbrock Torker intake, 600cfm Holly, Toploader 4-speed wide ratio 3.20 8in rear end. I drove her 140.25 mph at the Lund to Hiko (silver state) road race.
For Christmas 1981 Dad bought me the 10- spokes that are still on her. I drove the car as a daily driver untill 1988.
In Jan 2014 I pulled her out of storage and this is the start of her Third life.
1967 Ford Mustang (Raven Black)


Balanced and blue printed 289 .040 over, Polished crank, Ford racing connecting rods, caps and mains, Icon popup pistons and rings, HP oil pump, 6 qt baffeled pan, Howards roller cam .544/.565 lift 284/288 duration 110/106 351w firing order. Custom Aluminum 289/302 heads, Built by a friend from a NASCAR team 2.02/1.60, 190cc intake runners 62cc Combustion chamber,Gasket matched and polished Valves are +.200, 7/16 studs, spring pockets. Springs 1.460 OD w/ dampeners 145.8 # 1.881. Cometic custom .040 head gasket. Howards Hydrolic roller lifters with links.
Estimate of 10.75:1 compression. Edelbrock super victor intake. Fitech go EFI 600hp with power adder throttle body. Spectre ultra-low plenum cold air intake. Yes it fits under the stock hood .MSD ready to run distributor with steel gear. Changed to internally regulated alternator Aluminum HP water pump and cover, timing gears low howel, 1.6 scorpion rockers, Billit aluminum valve covers.Electric fans (2).
Stock flywheel, Center force dual friction clutch.
Ford Toploader 4-speed wide ratio. Re-worked ford shifter.
Fuel Safe Enduro cell with internal baffel tray with 3 ball check valve Bosch 440 internal pump.
Battery relocated to trunk.
Hooker long tube 1 5/8 3" collector 3" exhaust Magnaflows Exit rear valance.
Correct 1967 Mustang 9" rear end 3.70 True trac 28 spline Daytona pinion. Export brace. Monte Carlo bar curved (straight one would not clear the distributor) Grille mask.
Stock except, Removable roll cage, Recarro e21 seats reupholstered to match rear Saddle tan original color. mini tach in clock delete, volt gauge conversion, Original deluxe wood grain steering wheel. I have changed the simulated wood grain with real wood. Originally a non-A/C car, now with Vintage air Original vents and controllers. 6 point racing harness.
Stock look except; Removed the antenna, add right mirror, No side emblems, remove chrome bumper guards front and back (i'm still not sure about that), Added mustang pop off gas cap,chin spoiler. Fenders rolled. H4 headlight conversion Cebie.
USB port for blue tooth. It is a race car. Magnaflow's
Stock--Vintage racing class. Arning drop, Polished UCA & LCA shafts, Opentracker roller pearches, Boss 302 engine cross member with jack pad, 620 springs-1 coil removed, 1" sway bar, Adjustable strut rods. 16:1 steering (still has Spear-o- Matic) Roller pitman arm. It is a vert. Global West Tubular sub frame connectors. Modified Seat pan tunnel connection Plate. I welded 4" ID 1/4" wall DOM pipe in so the 3" exhaust could pass through; sits same as sub frame connectors. Further frame stiffining will be when the Autolight roll cage(bolt in) is installed. Viking adjustable shocks. 5 leaf reverse eye leafs with del-a-lum bushings Ford front disks Kelsey hayes 4-piston calipers. 11x2.25 rear drums small bearing 9" backing plates. Wildwood proportioning valve.
Wheel and Tire
1967 Shelby 10-spoke 15x7 (I may change these to Legendary wheels 17x7 & 17x8 10-spoke) I'll use the black mustang running horse inserts in place of shelby snake.



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