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Lime Gold
A friend of mine from high school in Montana bought this car with her husband roughly 8 years ago after coming back from overseas. They drove it for a little while putting very few miles on it (maybe 1K-2K). After her husbands passing she didn't want a lot to do with the car and let her parents drive it around. They drove it in a few auto shows and around casually. While on their way to a wedding they got a flat tire and dropped the vehicle off in my parents yard and never picked it up, this was in 2017.

The car sat in my parents yard for 2 years uncovered and exposed to the elements (tons of snow) until this past March when my parents suggested that I look into buying the car. Just based off the pictures alone and how well kept the inside and outside body was I decided to look into it. Come to find out that this car has all the original parts and pieces (outside of a new gas tank) including the original engine that has only 57K on it. After a little negotiating I purchased the car at the beginning of April for an incredible price still not knowing if it would turn over easy or if there would be a little work to get her up and running. My father went out the next day and put a new battery in the car and it turned over on the 2nd crank, the following week he put new tires on the car and my parents have been driving it around like it just came off the showroom floor.
1968 Ford Mustang (Lime Gold)


302 4bbl V8 "J" model



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