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General Information

Mustang GT A-Code 4-speed, deluxe interior
Blah Blue, later Springtime Yellow
GT, A-code 289, factory 4-speed, deluxe interior
I had owned Red (Mustang #1) for about a year after buying it in 1981 after graduating high school. It was a great "learner" car, but I wanted more power and found Blue. I bought it for $2300 from a guy in Baytown TX (outside of Houston.) My sister floated me the money to buy it, letting me pay her back after Red sold. Imagine that: I was 20 years old and owned both a Sprint 200 AND an A code GT speed! Blue had an amateur metallic blue paint job. About 9 months after buying it, I pulled the 302 engine and replaced with the original 289. I drove Blue to/from college and was fearless in driving it ANYWHERE. I had little extra money during those lean years, so the A/C remained inoperable and the suspension wasn't level.

After graduating college and having a job under my belt for a few years, I gave the car over to the body shop for a 9-month restoration. I had the body stripped down to bare metal and repainted it the original Springtime Yellow and put on the black vinyl top as originally equipped.

A few years later, my son was born. Blue (now Yellow) was no longer practical for a "family man" so I took photos with the intention of placing a classified ad in the local circular. Before I developed the photos, I received a letter saying "I have learned from the state police that you are the last registered owner of a mustang with VIN 6F07A280xx. I sold that vehicle ten years ago and want to buy it back. Please contact me if you are interested." I wrote him a letter back saying that I was the person that he sold it to back in Baytown. We quickly made a deal and I never saw Blue (Yellow) again.

In 2015 I googled the VIN and learned that the car is now in SWEDEN. I wrote an email to the Sweden Mustang car club to ask if anyone knew about it, but never got a response.

I was Mustang-less from 1993 until 2017 when I bought Silver Blue (Mustang #3.)
1966 Ford Mustang GT A-Code 4-speed, deluxe interior (Blah Blue, later Springtime Yellow)


I kept the 4100 carburetor, but added a dual point distributor and headers. I also added the hipo air cleaner and cobra valve covers.
I added deluxe seatbelts and replaced the standard door panels with deluxe. I later replaced the carpet.
None, although I repainted it the original color and replaced the non-GT grille with GT light bars. It was an easy job because I already had the fog light wiring and switch installed.
Originally equipped with a factory AM/FM radio! It worked well! Out of respect for the car, I made sure to keep the radio with the car when I sold it back to the previous owner. I could have pulled it for personal purposes, but it seemed more respectful to keep it intact.

I also had added an AM/FM cassette to the glove box. I was in college- music was important!
Sadly, nothing. I replaced the front coil springs but it didn't help the leveling. But the car was equipped with factory power-assisted steering!
Wheel and Tire
Factory original. No mods.



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