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I bought this vehicle from an elderly man who served our country by the name of Mr. Ed really great guy one of the most funniest people you can meet very stubborn at times but funny! he one day asked me if I like classic vehicles and like every car guy...OF COURSE! he went ahead and showed me this 1969 Mustang Grande w/ a small block 302, It was my 1st time ever seeing a Mustang Grande and absolutely fell in love! He had transported the vehicle from California to Arizona about 10 years ago...10 years later the Mustang was still parked in the same spot in his garage. Mr. Ed had told me that it was a project that he wanted to finish for him and his wife, his wife passed away and ever since then he lost interest in the Mustang. He sold me the vehicle and I had made a promise to him that I would restore the Mustang for him to reminisce the good old days! Hopefully with the help of all of you I would be able to get this Mustang back on the road!
1969 Ford Mustang


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