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General Information

Cyclone CJ
Burnt Orange Metallic
A/C, C6, Tach, 428CJ Ram Air
Bought new in Houston, TX by the Sedaka family. They drove it throughout the 70's, including an accident on RR Qtr which caused extensive damage. Still exists. Bought by a family in TX in 1980 who owned until Oct 2014, in it's all original, unrestored state. The car was sold when the owner passed. A man in Missouri bought it to restore, decided to sell it. It then sold on ebay in Apr of 2015. The buyer (Mark in Mass) bought it to restore, still 100% original, but soon found a Talladega. He pulled the engine/C6 for the Talladega. He sold it on ebay in July 2015, to Marc in Mass. Marc wanted to cut it up, because it was very solid, and use for parts. He told me he couldn't, because it was too he sold it to me in Sep 2015 (but not before removing the original LH door, fender, console, hood scoop).
1969 Mercury Cyclone CJ (Burnt Orange Metallic)


CB radio, Realistic
Wheel and Tire
Aluminum slotted mags
Mickey Thompson Sportsman specials


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