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Mustang - Super Snake Tribute
Copper Red
Purchased 3 years ago. Thought it was a solid car until media blasting. Oh did I learn! Had this before, but this time had my car painter inspect ahead of purchase - still a MISTAKE. Dismantled, media blasted, primed, placed on rotisserie, and replaced rotten panels.
1968 Ford Mustang - Super Snake Tribute (Copper Red)


Hind sight - may be should have gone crate motor. Custom built 331 Stroker motor, aluminum heads, rocker rollers, roller cam, RPM Air-Gap Edelbrock, & 675 holley. Centerforce clutch, hydraulic clutch conversion (PITA - but worth it), and 5 speed.
interior - Well decided to go TMI custom look. Almost 3 x cost of going stock. Thought it would be worth it. Had to wait 10 weeks for delivery. Found that pattern doesn't line up and had to have it modified - bad customer service btw by TMI. After installed my head goes into the headliner - because cushion is too thick. If I had to do it again - delete this bs!
This is a regular Fastback that I felt during re-construction it could not go concourse restore. I already had done a Eleanor, so I wanted to create my own Overhaulin art. I chose to make a tribute Shelbly clone noted as a Super Snake. According to my research there was only one created in 1968. Apparently the some of the features of the snake were adopted into the 69 Mach 1. Stripes for sure! So what you see is my custom version of a 68 Super Snake. It has all the scoops, I also added Wilwood brakes (4), 17" wheels (looks like magnums), and BFG tires. I wanted to go with real magnums, but after using Wilwood they wouldn't fit - that pist me off! Found Legendary Wheels, but still wanted white letters. They don't make 17" tires with letters - found Tire Stickers! Now I have the 17's with letter - Old School look! Lastly, I could not decide on front grill. I found some pictures of other custom mustangs using a newer late model GT grill. I decided to integrate as well. A bit tricky, but looks great!
Still working on it.... 4 speakers, stereo, amp blah blah..
Couldn't bring my self to spend $$ on coil overs or rack & pinon. Updated upper and lower A arms, roller perchs, 620 coils dropped 2" for Shelby standards. Installed negative wedge kit, and 1 1/8 sway bar.
Wheel and Tire
17" Legendary Wheels - 17 x 7 front and 17 x 8 rear. BFG G-force with Tire Stickers for the look.


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