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General Information

Dynasty Green (Rusty)
Standard (200ci i6 engine/c4 auto transmission)
The guy who had it before me lived in California and drove it from California to Colorado. Then he parked the car in his yard for about 10 years until I bought it off of him about a year ago.
1965 Ford Mustang (Dynasty Green (Rusty))


The car was originally a 200ci with a c4 automatic and it still is. I got the car and it ran poorly and smoked like crazy so I rebuilt both the Motor and Transmission. They are back in the car but got to fix the ignition before I can try to start the car again
Interior is in okay condition. The front seat is torn but the back seat is in excellent condition. The headliner is gone and the carpet is a bit dirty. Side panels are okay and dash is in great condition. Everything works except the under dash lights that light up the floor. Even the old AM radio works great. This is an early 65 model so some of the interior is like the 64.5 mustang such as the window cranks and carpet
The car is pretty straight. Few small rust holes on the rear fender. Car was originally Dynasty Green and will be again. Right now the car has about 5 coats of paint on it and some surface rust all over it. This car is a coupe and is basic (Not a GT or anything). I think i will end up painting the car myself because i don't have enough money for someone else to do it.
Not much but the AM Radio
Standard suspension, replaced the front shocks but that is it so far
Wheel and Tire
Snow tires in the back and dry-rotted white walls in the front


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