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I bought the car in 2008 as a running Pepsi advertising statement built in 2001. Needless to say it was rough, had never been painted but was covered with large Pepsi decals and though sold as a professionally built kit car, the build left much to be desired. I tore it apart in 2010 and began a restoration the right way. Nearly every inch of the car was redone or modified but it did have a solid 302 and 2.83 limited slip rear. Since the trans was suspect, I replaced it with a rebuilt AOD and followed it with a 3.55 gear set. These items changed the whole driving experience in the car. I also had a custom blue and white interior in leather and vinyl installed in the car. I also had a convertible top custom built from the original pieces. It has an abundance of billet accessories. The car has given me around 10,000 relatively trouble free miles and has been a consistent show winner at local car shows.
1934 Ford Cabriolet (Blue/White)


A mildly modified 302 HO engine from a late 80's Mustang provides the go power. It was converted to an owner built serpentine belt pulley system and an electric fan. A chrome Corvette master cylinder and power booster were mounted on the firewall which was smoothed and cleaned of all unnecessary wiring.
The interior was completely stripped, boom mat insulation completely installed to quiet the ride and 80's Mustang seats bolstered and covered in blue and white leather. A Flaming River tilt column was painted to match the blue of the interior and installed with a custom wheel. It is equipped with power rack and pinion steering, power brakes, electric windows, AC and heat. A custom console was also built for the car.
A total repaint was done following some fiberglas repair, considerable sanding and panel alignment to smooth the body. Front and rear bumpers were removed, new headlights were installed, hoodsides removed to show the heavily chromed and aluminum trimmed engine, and an electrically controlled trunk installed.
An aftermarket stereo with speakers mounted flush behind the bucket seats provides tunes on the road.
A lowered Mustang II with chromed springs graces the front suspension while custom mounted coilovers replaced the original coil spring 4-link Mustang rear suspension
Wheel and Tire
Wheels complete with dog dish caps came from 1969 Mustangs in 14" front and 15" rear with 235 x 14 General tires mounted in front and 275 x 15 General tires mounted on the rear.



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