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General Information

Scuba Blue
I was the caretaker to this car in the early 2000's since the guy who owned it didnt know much about them. I kept tabs on it when I went off to college and after. The guy who owned it had 'trouble' with it and not being a car guy either, parked it in a barn to let it rot. About 8 years later in 2010, I ran in to him and was able to buy it. A bad starter and adjusting points later and it was running. My wife and I drove it for about 5 years and 15k miles until it was parked so I could build the convertible for my dad.

In 2016, I started work on the current version of the car. A little less than 3 years, multiple changes, 1000's of hours later and it's running and driving!
1966 Ford Mustang (Scuba Blue)


ZSR 408 short block w/ custom ground cam
AFR205 w/ scorpion roller rockers
Holley Sniper EFI
Around 600-ish horsepower

Backed by a TKO600
Too much other stuff to really list.
Black on black w/ Rally seats
Speedhut gauges with a pod on the dash
MTF headliner
Other little bits
Covered and smoothed cowl vents (Vintage Air AC doesnt require them)
Sealed and smoothed body gaps
GT valance grafted into the car
Shelby road version (bumpers) front valance
67 shelby style hood
2015 Audi Scuba Blue
Kenwood 2dinn Excelon head unit w/ bluetooth and backup camera (soon to have a front facing camera as well).
Alpine 500w 4channel amp feeding 6" in front and 6x9's in the rear
Kenwood 1800w amp feeding a 10" sub hidden behind the seat

I 'might' integrate a radar detector / jammer system into the radio but, for now, there are enough wires to deal with
Street or Track non coilover upgraded front suspension currently. That will get changed to SoT coilovers likely this winter. The current suspension will get moved to the convertible
Shelby drop
SoT 3link rear with a 9" housing
The whole thing is lowered about 2"

TCP manual rack
Ididit tilt column with a Prius EPAS grafted in
Wheel and Tire
American Racing TT2 wheels - 275 rear tires, 245 front



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