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General Information

Mustang Fastback
My father purchased the car in 1971, he was the second owner. The first onwer had the car stolen and never got it back. The thieves drove it out to Nevada where the engine blew up. The car was put back together and put on a car sales lot where my father purchased it. He drove it after he got back from Vietnam, gave it to my grandfather while he went overseas to live in South Africa with my mother and have children. My grandfather(a Nasa engineer) proceeded to disassemble the car and "fix" as many issues as possible. After 20 some years, the car was gifted to me as a 16th birthday present. It was totally striped and in primer but it ran! Throughout the past 15 years its been an ongoing project that me and my father have put many dollars and sweat into. It's still not perfect but we enjoy the hell out of it!
1968 Ford Mustang Fastback (Grey)


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