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General Information

Crystal Red
Bought the car for the wife in 1990. Basic enter level Mustang convertible grocery getter. The only options were a 2V 289, automatic transmission, power steering, AM radio, seat belts, and a heater. Used the car as a daily driver. Then it started handling funny and flexing excessively when jacked up. Found extensive body rot in the quarter and rocker panels and torque boxes that the seller had hidden. Also found it had been hit at the passenger side door hinge and poorly repaired. The shock towers were cracked and flexing around the A arm bolts. Caveat emptor in spades. Taught myself to weld and replaced the front and rear floors, inner rocker panels, front and rear torque boxes, a portion of the cowl vent and repaired and strengthened the shock towers. Continued to use it as a daily driver for several more years. Then it sat (see picture) until about 2 years ago when I decided to restore/modify it into a restromod. Had Graverobbers Sheetmetal in Cumming Georgia replace the rear quarters, trunk, rear frame rails and properly repair the passenger side damage (see picture). Mike Elder in Cragford, Al finished the body and painted it GM Crystal Red. The rebuild is still in progress. So far I’ve repaired and modified it as described below.
1966 Ford Convertible (Crystal Red)


Mustang Steve ball bearing pedal, power brake and cable clutch cable kit, T-5 transmission conversion with Modern Driveshaft cross member, Hurst shifter, Hedman headers, 2 1/4" dual exhaust system, 1970 22 gallon fuel tank kit, Hi-pro fuel pump and lines, Cobra valve covers, 6-blade fan blade, Painless wiring harness with powerbraid kit
Pro-car Elite front seats and rear seat cover, IDIDIT tilt column, Dynamat floor, doors and trunk kits, Grant wood steering wheel, driver's competition seat belt, ACC carpet, console, LED dash and interior lights, Carrol Shelby autographed glove box door, rebuilt instrument panel and heater.
De-badged except for quarter panel fingers. Filled the antenna hole, rolled fender wells, added a Shelby racing front valance, LED lights, Ford Performance hood pin kit, had it sprayed GM Crystal Red with silver base coat.
RetroSound Model 2 player and Quad4 amp, hidden antenna, Pioneer dash and kick panel speakers
Opentracker Racing Trans-Am shock tower reinforcement kit, Shelby export brace and Monte Carlo bar, Vintage Venom Cobra front and rear disc brakes conversion Kit with 2004 Cobra brakes, Mustang Steve power brake kit and proportioning valve, Borgeson power steering kit, KYB shocks, Addco 3/4" rear sway bar, Tinman sub-frame connectors
Wheel and Tire
Ford Bullitt SN95 2004 Mustang 17" wheels and 225/45/17 Goodyear tires



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