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What its like to spray a car in a an inflatable booth.
Overall its pretty cool. 2 big things. Its about 20 degree's hotter in the booth then outside and the incoming air doesn't cool it off. Also point the booth so you bring the car in from the north side and the clean room is on the south side. that helps block direct sun light from heating up the car. My mistake was shooting with the drivers side in direct sun light. It dried the paint to fast on the last coat. The first 2 went down really nice. Outside the temps started ant 50 degrees at 10am and 66 at 11:45. Inside the booth the temperature started at 65 and quickly rose to 88-90 within an hour of starting. So spray started at 10am and ended around 11:45. 3 complete wet coats. No runs. Next up will be the wet sand. Going to give the Linear blocks a try. Again the booth is really cool and comes complete and makes spraying a car much more enjoyable. Next video I will review the paint finish and some more tips on using the booth.


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