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Showcase cover image for IRS67Coupe's 1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

General Information

Mustang Coupe
Black with Gray Primer
About 3 years into this project. Started with a reasonably straight but sad looking partially-disassembled 6 cyl coupe. Evicted wasps and did a bare body rotisserie repair of relatively minor rust. Lowered Cobra IRS with coil overs. Runs, steers, shifts, stops. Not quite back on the road though.
1967 Ford Mustang Coupe (Black with Gray Primer)


A mild roller-cam 5.0 with Torker intake, new Holley manual-choke Carb and Tri-Y stainless headers. Front accessories are from a 90s Crown Vic. Power steering is a Borelson box. Big aluminum radiator, A/C condenser and big power-steering cooler ahead of a mechanical flex fan. Four wheel power disc brakes (Cobra rears and Kelsey-Hayes fronts) with Wilwood's proportioning valve. Tremec T5 "World Class" transmission and cable operated clutch. Aluminum fuel tank and electric fuel pump.
Went with the Scott Drake oversized instrument cluster and AutoMeter UltraLite gauges. Fairly spartan furnishings. Black Carpet, basic racing style seats and an inobtrusive roll bar. No back seat. Battery and Air Conditioning will be in a compartment that replaces the back seat. Fabricated a headliner from sheet FRP with fabric covering - to gain a little headroom for a helmet. Rear quarter windows will no longer roll up / down due to rear brake cooling ducts from side scoops. Seat base moved 3 inches aft for legroom. Parking brake lever is on the floor. Considering a remote shift linkage to move the shifter back a few inches.
The exterior is "prepped for paint". Rolled fender lips to accomodate wide tires and the Cobra IRS width. Basically all chrome and stainless exterior trim is eliminated. Bumpers are primed for paint, but I'm still considering a no-bumper R-Type front valance.
Stiffened chassis by adding the convertible-style inner rockers, torque boxes and seat base. Export brace and Monte Carlo Bar. Added shock tower bracing to the A pillar, and a roll bar connecting floor to roof (at shoulder-harness mounts). Subframe connectors integrated with brackets for the lowered Cobra IRS. Front suspension is fairly stock, with Arning's drop on Upper Control Arm mount, fat sway bar and stiff lowering springs. Ron Morris fancy strut rods. ZRay Crossmember. Rear has adjustable-damping coilovers.
Wheel and Tire
90's Mustang GT wheels, painted black.



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