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Silver Blue
My father was the original owner of this 66 Mustang. She was put in storage in 1971 just after i was born (this was my ride home from the hospital you know). I got her out of storage in 1994. My mother told me that my father used to like to go to the warehouse and work on it every now and then so she's been in primer the entire time I've had it, I've never seen paint on it (Only in pictures). She was my DD/weekend warrior for many years. The original motor was locked up when I got it from storage so I had a nicely built 289 which gave me many good years till the motor finally met its maker when a piston came loose and beat the block to death. Being married and a new little one on the way she went back into storage and onto the back burner for many more years. Last year I decided to get it out of storage and see if I can't get this old girl painted and back together again for my dad's 70th birthday. After the first body shop failed to deliver I found one that would do what I needed with the budget that I had. It didn't get done for my fathers 70th birthday but, I think I'll make it for his 71st birthday!! Sorry for the long read. Lol
1966 Ford Mustang (Silver Blue)



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