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Mach 1
Candy Apple Red
1969 Mustang Mach 1 – the Saga
Since the late 1950’s my Dad was an engineer for Ford based at the Milpitas assembly plant. We have always had Fords, sometimes multiple cars each year, due in part to the executive company lease plan. At any rate, in the mid 1970’s my Mom wanted a Mustang of her own that she could keep more than a year. The search began and ended up with a used Mach 1 belonging to another local Ford employee. A deal was struck and the Mach 1 became my Mom’s daily driver.
This was the car that she drove us to school in when I was kid and even today the aroma of the interior always takes me back. By the late 1980’s people started stealing parts off the Mach 1 when it was parked in town. Being duly pissed off, my Mom parked the Mach 1 in the barn on the ranch and drove one of the other cars. Fast forward about 25 years, there was a wildfire in the immediate area and attention turned to the Mustang sleeping in the barn. Fortunately CalFire contained the wildfire without damage to the barn or the Mach 1. At that point a discussion ensued about what to do with the Mach 1 and ended with my Mom selling it to me for a dollar!
As I have told the story since, my Mach 1 was a barn find in my folks’ barn! A good friend and neighbor helped get the Mach 1 running again. Fortunately, with a solid roof and a concrete floor in that section of the barn, the ravages of nature were minimal. I was seriously excited, so much so that I was afraid some idiot would crash into me every time I took it out. To build up my courage, I joined the local club (Vintage Mustang Owners Association) and vowed to participate in club activities as a way to enjoy my car more. About 3 years ago I took my Mach to my first car show (VMOA annual show in Campbell). There I met Jeff Tepper with his ’67 Fastback as well as a number of his Mustang friends from the area. I quickly found myself among new friends and participated in several local shows and cruises.
During this time, Jeff persuaded me to take my Mach to Knott’s the following April. While the idea of a trip to Los Angeles in an old car was scary, the reality was my Mach and I survived! While there, we socialized with more of Jeff’s Mustang friends who are now my friends too! It was at one of the group dinners that a discussion about Hot August Nights in Reno took place and I enthusiastically registered my Mach for Hot August Nights between the main course and dessert. This car has proven itself as a solid long distance cruiser and is a treat to drive.
Last year, I again showed my Mustang at the annual VMOA show in Campbell. Later in the day an older gentleman was walking by my car and exclaimed “That’s my car!” During the conversation that followed, I learned that he was the person who sold my parents the car and remembered the license plate number. Subsequent research confirmed he was the prior owner so we now have the Mach 1’s history going back to 1972.
Per the Marti Report this car was assembled in San Jose on November 4, 1968, nine days ahead of schedule. As delivered, it was equipped with the M code 351 Windsor engine, FMX transmission, power steering and front disc brakes, AM Radio, deluxe seat belts, and tinted glass, painted Candy Apple Red with Black Hi-Back seats.
Two years ago, I got restless and ended up with my second Mustang, a 2017 Cal Special convertible. In the near term my hope is that Ford will produce a Mustang Mach 1 in 2019 so that I might have a pair of Mach 1s separated by 50 years. Ford, you listening? I am serious!
1969 Ford Mach 1 (Candy Apple Red)


Big block fan and clutch
Modern 3 point seat belts with Scott Drake knock off star burst button buckles
Stock AM
Opentracker blueprinted upper control arms, roller spring perches, roller idler arm, Moog lower control arms, Bilstein Street shocks, New tie rods, bushings.

Chockostang refurbished steering box, control valve, steering ram, pump.
Wheel and Tire
Stock wheels and BFG tires



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