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I bought it 8 months ago it is still white
Coupe originally game with power steering and factory a/c at sone point someone put a 79 block 351w with 78 heads it had long tube headers no power steering and I am in the process of getting the a/c to work again.
I started working when I turned fifteen and one year later i had saved 750.00 I asked my Dad to help me purchase a car he did not know I had been saving when I told him I had 750.00 he said ok and he would help me withe insurance but I would have to pay him back I found a green metallic 67 coupe 289 3 speed manual for 750.00 I bought it and found out I knew the guy who had it before me he had taken his race motor out and but the 289 w 2 barrel but left the 456 gear in the car. I was sixteen the car was five years old and I was very happy. I had a friend with a66 barracuda that ran in the 10's at a track about 75 miles from where we live. He let me take my car one Sunday and with his slicks on it I ran high 12's. The hemi came out and the insurance companies starting gouging everyone so I had to sell my car I only had it two years. I have been married 31 years and we have had jeeps throughout our marriage. Then my Brother went to the Doctor last November about what he thought was a spiderbite but it was cancer stage 4 all through his body he lived for 2 weeks and 2 days my only brother gone at 55 years old. that is when I thought if I am ever going to get another mustang now is the time to do it. I bought my car off craigslist paid 3500.00 and drove it home 100 miles.The young man thought he had a 302 in the car bit it was the 351W.
1968 Ford Mustang (I bought it 8 months ago it is still white)


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