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General Information

Mustang GT Fastback
Ivy Green (custom green)
GT Equipment Group
The car started life at the Ford factory in Dearborn, Michigan on April 9th, 1965. The car was manufactured as a GT pre-production, because of GT an-nouncement on April 17th, 1965.

The car was shipped to Louisville, Kentucky in 1965. The car sat in the lot for a year, due to highly optional equipment. It was then purchased by the original owner in 1966. He wanted more performance, at had a new HiPo block installed but keeping the factory parts on it. The owner then ordered the Cobra Dress-up kit, which included chrome air-cleaner, cobra walvecovers and performance oilcap.

In the beginning of the 70´s the owner sold the car to the new owner. He was more into restoration and performance. He lived on Taylorsville Road in Jeffersontown, Ky. He painted the car Wimbledon White, with blue Shelby stripes.

In 1978 the car was purchased by third owner Reid Markham. He had the car sitting for 13 years behind his daily drivers with the vision of restoring it.
Reid never got to restore the car and ended up selling it to fourth owner Bill Brown in March of 1991.

Bill began restoration in 1992. He had sold re-stored hot wheels cars for a value of 4000$. It was used to pay for the paint and bodywork on the car.
He did a great job restoring the car because it should have been the car he would have when he died. In 2012 he felt on hard times and had to sell the car to support his family otherwise he would lose his property.

In 2012 it was sold to a guy in Austin, Texas called Bradly but he didn´t drove the car more than 500 miles and decided to sell it in 2018.
We then purchased the Mustang on September 25th, 2018, as a father/son project in Austin, Texas by Bradley.


4,7l 289 V8 A-code - 225 hp
95% Orignal interior
Painted in custom grey/green + gold stripes with gold GT stripes
GT dual exhaust
Stiffer rear GT springs
Wheel and Tire
14" Torque Thrust + BFGoodrich tires


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