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General Information

Orange-ish Red
Coupe, Grande
Originally the color was Ivy Yellow and had an Inline 6 engine. Used to be owned by a relative of mines 3 years ago when he bought it from a guy in Arizona. He drove it until he got into a crash on a rainy day with a rock. The result of that was damage to the driver's side front fender, headlight bucket, and the grille. In addition, a broken tie rod. After that, my other relative stored it in his garage for 3 years. The relative who owned the car left to live in Hawaii in 2016. Hasn't been touched since, until I got it in March of 2019 and have been working on it since. So far, I have vacuumed out the interior, trunk, and engine bay. In addition, I have repaired the tie rod, refilled it with brand new oil/gas, and have also gotten it start and drive. Recently discovered the frame was cracked after it got aligned which made the wheels out of whack and as a result became unable to drive. I am still able to start up the engine and plan to get the frame repaired and into a shop this week. Also, I gave it a wash by hand and cleaned up the wheels which has brought it out a lot since.
1970 Ford Mustang (Orange-ish Red)


This engine is an Windsor 302 V8 with a Holley 4150 carburetor. The original VIN from the car shows that the original engine was an I6.
Black Interior pictures are from before I cleaned it and when it was at my uncle's house. In addition, has hand crank door windows and rear side hand crank windows.
Painted Red from original color "Ivy Yellow"
Plan to paint it with a candy apple red or a more redder version of the color I have. Dual exhaust with only 2 mufflers total which provides for a loud exhaust tone that is enough to wake up the neighbors at night.
2 aftermarket speakers in the back. Came with the car when I got it. Smooth sound quality. In addition, aftermarket radio which only works on one channel, has a cassette player of some kind, and has a supposed AUX cord.
Stock rear leafs and front coil overs. Keeping the suspension stock for now. Rear Drums and front discs also are on the car.
Wheel and Tire
Actual Ford Rims. Aren't stock on the car itself. Can't tell what types of rims they are. They mostly look like Keystone rims. Fitted with Radial G/T Tires from 2005. Soon to be replaced with Cooper Cobra Radial tires.



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