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General Information

none stock
Fully unknown. Is a 1966 that was originally a 6 cylinder with a 2.89 rear axle, but neither of those were with the car when I bought it.

Here's the door plate decoder results:

Warranty Number: 6T07T161562
Year: 6 1966
Plant: T Metuchen, NJ
Body Series: 07 2 Door Hardtop
Engine: T 200 1v I6
Unit: 161562 161562

Miscellaneous Vehicle Data
Body: 65A 2 Door Hardtop, Standard Interior
Color: K Nightmist Blue Metallic
Trim: 22 Lt. Blue Crinkle Vinyl and Blue Rosette Vinyl, Standard Interior
Date: 02M December 02, 1965
D.S.O: 26 Washington
Axle: 2 2.83:1, Conventional
Trans: 6 C4 Automatic

(D.S.O. stands for Domestic Special Order)

Other info:
1966 Mustang 2-Door Coupe
Engine: 1980 302 bored 0.060, so 311 ci. 351 heads, Holley 670 cfm 4 barrel, Eldebrock Torker II 289 intake, Competition Cam 276 duration 490 lift.
Trans: 1966 C4, recently rebuilt
Rear End: 8.8" rear end, 3.73 ratio w/ tractionlok, sourced from 91-94 explorer
Brakes: disc in front, drum in rear. Manual all around, single reservoir
Non-numbers matching

My plan is just to build a decently powerful muscle car that looks good but is a driver not a show car.

Engine stamp info:
O2C means the block was cast in year 1980 (O), day 2 (2), month March (C)
EOVE means that this motor was made in the 1980s decade (E), 1980 year (0), for a Lincoln Continental years 1961-81 (V), and by the Engine Engineering; Powertrain and Chassis product Engineering division (E).

Rear Axle info:
Tag first line is: S629B
S means plant code for Sterling
629 is the model number
B is the revision
according to [url][/url], this was sourced from either a Explorer 91-94 or Mazda Navajo 91-93. I'll keep it though. :)

Tag second line is: 3733880L29
the 3L73 means this is a 3.73 rear end with Traction-Lok (nice!). The 88 means this an 8.8" ring gear, and the 0L29 means it was made in year 1980, month November, day 29.

11 bolts, confirms C4.
Also, there's a code on it.
C = 1960s decade
6 = 1966 year
A = Ford car line
P = Automatic Transmission & Production Line engineering office responsible for part.
Since the transmission is a '66, it has a 24 spline.

ok, so the drivetrain is this:
302 engine from a 1980s Ford/Lincoln towncar, C4 Transmission (possibly the original, need to find partial vin), and rear axle from a 91-94 Ford explorer. Hilarious! LOL
1966 Ford Mustang (Blue)


Engine: A 302 from a 1980s Ford that's bored 0.060 over with new pistons, so the new CI is 311
Intake & Carb: Eldebrock Torker II intake, Holley Street Avenger 670cfm 4 barrel carburetor.
Exhaust: Long tube headers & new dual exhaust
Heads: 351 heads (some debate as to whether they're windsor or cleveland heads)
Cam: Competition Cam with 276 duration & 490 lift

According to the previous owner, the motor work was done a few months prior to me owning the car.

Transmission: Rebuilt 1966 C4 automatic

Rear Axle: 8.8" rear end, 3.73 ratio w/ tractionlok, sourced from 91-94 explorer
Looks like one of the previous owners had the seats reupholstered and had new carpet laid down. But the dash and rest of interior needs a good amount of work. These modifications do not look to match the original car codes, as the seats are now white.
None that I can tell, other than the trunk deck being painted. Also I think the car was painted a non-original color, according to the tag its supposed to be Nightmist blue metallic.

Also, at some point a white vinyl top was added. This doesn't match the door tag/VIN codes at all.
There is a standard AM/FM radio, but no speakers and it is unknown if the radio works.
stock (as in original 1966 non-refurbished) suspension. I have new leaf springs but need rear shocks and to redo the whole front end suspension.
Wheel and Tire
Non-stock, 5 lug 15 inch chrome rims (which do look kinda cool).

Brakes: Manual, single reservoir
Front: Disc
Rear: Drum



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