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Steve McQueen green
OEM GT...not a stinkin' clone.
DSO 71 car...spent 45 years in southern CA before being shipped to FL. Trailered to NC in 2012, and again in 2014 to Anchorage AK. 57K original miles Dec 2015. All original sheet metal.
1965 Ford 5R07A (Steve McQueen green)


289 bored 030. 351 HO cam, ported original heads. HiPo exhaust, HiPo distributor. C5ZR-E 4100. HEH-BT 4 speed. P/S. ABS Powerbrake P/B system feeding original Kelsey-Hayes PV & front calipers. 67 & 69 pulleys for redundant water pump drive.
1" Arning drop, Moog UCA/LCA, OTR roller perches. Drake progressive GT coils, Eaton GT leafs. KYB shocks.
Wheel and Tire
215R6015 BFG T/A on styled steel.



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My sister bought this car new around July, 1965. It was the first car she and her husband had bought together, having just gotten married in Jan. 65. They drove it until they started having children in 1971, whereupon they bought a new Ford van. When I got back from the US Army in Vietnam in Feb. 1972, my sister offered it to sell it to me for $500. I forget what mileage it had on it then, maybe around 60K. First thing I did was make a coast to coast trip from Calif. and return to visit my former army buddies. I drove it for many years, dated in it and had it when I got married. My wife had a car when we got married but a poor one. When it died, I offered this Mustang up for her to drive but she didn't know how to use a manual shift vehicle. I tried training her in this with the four speed, but that's probably the worst thing for a newbie to learn on. I gave up and had the four speed removed and replaced with a C-4 automatic. She drove it for a couple of years, then I bought her a used 1966 Mustang with A/C and put this 65 GT in the garage for a few years. I forget what year we sold it, maybe 1982 or 83 as we were thinking of moving and didn't want to take along extra cars. Not long ago, I found one of the original keys for this car floating around here after all these years. The car originally had steel wheels and wire basket wheel covers. Two sets of those got stolen when the car was fairly new, so my brother-in-law put aftermarket chrome wheels on it. I changed back to original steel wheels and wire covers.