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General Information

Mustang Mach 1
Meadowlark Yellow
Originally a NC car, it was brought to Pittsburgh in 1982 by a dealer. That's when I picked it up. I'm the third owner, the first two owners were from the same family. The FMX had been swapped out for a WR toploader 4-speed from a '69 Torino GT, the power front disc brakes were changed to manual, and it had one repaint. Overall a very solid car, but mechanically it was pretty rough. It ran until 1987 when the transmission failed. At that point it was stored untouched until 2015.

During the first five years in storage the shop rebuilding my motor went out of business and sold it without contacting me; thieves broke into my storage garage, jumped on the roof, and stole my wheels & tires (and more); and the next facility where I had it stored had water issues causing the paint to go to surface rust. That's when I gave up on it. In 2015 I decided to start a mechanical refurbishment to get it running again.
1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (Meadowlark Yellow)


Originally a 351W-4V. That's gone. Now it has a 79K mile all original 351W-2V from, coincidentally, another '69 Torino GT. I'll run that until I can stroke it to 393.

Originally an FMX automatic, now a wide ratio toploader 4-speed.
Stock, original, black Deluxe interior. A little worn, but perfectly fine for a driver. A fold down was added by the previous owner.
Stock. Currently has its second repaint, done sometime in the late 70s. Paint is cracking and stars of surface rust have bloomed from nose to tail. I rubbed it out by hand so now it's not as awful as it was.

I've had some very nice cars over the years, some with very low mileage. They were nothing but stress, constantly worrying about a stone chip, drop of rain, etc. No fun. It wasn't my intention, but it seems I've lucked into the "Ratty Muscle" / "Patina" thing. Again, unintentional, but it puts me in a stress free ride. I have no intention of ever painting it - way, way too much money. I'd buy a second car before I'd spend the money on paint. The focus of this build is 95% go, 5% show.
Just me.
1" UCA drop (overall drop of 5/8") / 1" lowering coils / Prothane coil insulators (overall rise of 1/4"). That nets a 1 3/8" drop. My goal is Boss 302 height which is 2" lower than stock. I'll see how my initial mods go, then I may or may not cut the coils to get the rest of the drop.

Koni STR.T shocks. Opentracker Racing UCAs, roller spring saddles, and roller LCAs. '70 spindles. 1 1/8" sway bar.

Rear will remain stock until I settle on the final front configuration.
Wheel and Tire
Stock equivalent Cooper Cobra GTs on stock 14" SS wheels.

Eventually going with 245/45-17s in the front and 275/40-17s in the rear.



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