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Mach 1, 351c, 4v, auto
A friend of mine who has several restored chevys had pulled a car to the very back left hand side of his back yard almost in the woods that caught my eye about five years ago. I picked up the phone and called him and asked, "what is that I see in the back of your yard, it isn't what I think it is? It looks like a 70 or 69 mustang from what I can see. Tell me it isn't and why is it so far back. Response, "because I knew if you saw it, I would have to give it to you." I responded hell yes you will. And he did!!! That started my infatuations with restoring cars as a hobby. Im not good at it but Im trying. The car was in pretty rough shape but was all there hole in the floor and roof. motor locked up or stuck rather. it went to a couple different places to await getting some work done and the first place was my dad's auto parts store located in the old ford dealership in my home town. Dad's mechanic, (ex ford technician of about 30 years) tells him it wont ever go again. The first guy I had to restore it said it was junk although he was the junk. Then I had a friend who put it on the trailer and brought back to my warehouse where he proceeded to crank the car up on the trailer in the rain and back it off. Excited we spent the next several months putting the car back together on my first run through it trying to make a safe driver that would start and stop on command. I purchased the various accessories that had been lost of the years such as louvers and scoop, etc. I drove that so called "junk" two hours on XMAS day to show my dad that they were wrong about the car. Presently I have disassembled the interior for heater core install while I installed dynomat throughout and cleaned/detailed all of the cavities and pans for the car. I had my painter run off with my money so I guess the car will stay this way until I find someone to paint and have the money to do it. Meanwhile, I work on something else. The best thing about the size of my garage. 8000 square feet under cover.
1970 Ford Mustang (Yellow)


351 c, new Holley 760 ultimate avenger polixhed alum, new Mallory distributor HEI, chrome export brace, chrome mc, borgeson box, sanden ac conversion, new radiator, new trans lines, has fmx but also have aod, t5 and c6 but can't decide which to use at the moment. T5 or aod most likely. I purchased c6 for it but don't know if aod would be much better. B&M shifter doesn't like fmx worth a d&(&^
acquired seats but need the front ones covered. Presently I had used black seats out of 89 gt. thought about having covered in the mach 1 material along with the original ones. New carpet, steering wheel, sail panels, door panels, console, white face gauges, led lights for gauges, heater core, air box repair,
reacquired all of the styling that came on originally.
louvers, bumpers, valance, honeycomb rear, spoiler, gas cap, rocker panel, door handles, fog lights, running lights, and weatherstripping,
stereo removed presently as well as back up camera. I intend on full android system with dash and rear view cameras with internet.
purchased helix 4 link coil over for rear but havent installed. currently have new ball joints and new monroe with chrome export brace and monte carlo bar.
Wheel and Tire
Cragar SS brand new. 15 16 staggered. Also have a set of 17" torque thrust from 2003 mustang gt. And a set of 15" magnums that are painted with beauty rings.


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