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General Information

Mustang Convertible
Ivy Green Metallic
4bbl V8 (A-code), 4 speed, limited slip, pony interior, front disc brakes, heavy duty battery, visibility group...sticker price of $3,496.05
Originally purchased in Washington DC from Herby's Inc. in Alexandria VA.
Second owner purchased it in 1994 from sister of original owner and started a restoration
I purchased the car in April 1997
1965 Ford Mustang Convertible (Ivy Green Metallic)


289 4bbl A code engine. I have the original Autolite 4100 that has been rebuilt once and will be rebuilt again very soon. I removed the points and am running a Petronix from about 10 years ago. The only other change to the engine compartment is the addition of Hi-Po Cast Iron exhaust manifolds.
It has the original palomino pony interior seats in the car. The interior of the car was redone in 2001, and is currently undergoing a refresh. I am installing new TMI pony door panels and I've installed a Cobra mahogany steering wheel (with Cobra horn button).
It has been taken down to bare metal and repainted. I stupidly used aftermarket front fenders, but retain the originals in my garage. I added fog lights.
I have a 4bbl V8 that breathes through GT style dual exhausts with resonators...if I need more entertainment than that, I will be returning the stock AM radio to the dash and installing an AM/FM bluetooth media center under the dash. It will be connected to dual dash speakers as well as kick panel speakers. The nice folks at Crutchfield say it will work :-)
Suspension was rebuilt about 10 years ago, and the Shelby drop was performed. Best change ever!!
Wheel and Tire
I have replaced the original 14" wheels with reproduction 15" 1965 styled steel wheels running Goodyear Radial T/A.


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