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General Information

Mustang Coupe
Ultrasonic Blue Mica in paint now.....
Owned this car for 25 years, was a daily driver for 2 yrs. then..... parked, narrowed rear end, tubbed, installed roll cage, sat for years then married two kids and now back working on it because my 16 yr old wants to drive it to high school.
1966 Ford Mustang Coupe (Ultrasonic Blue Mica in paint now.....)


90"s 302 bored .040 forged Flats, OE cast heads with lots of internal work performed :) Unilite ignition Ford Racing x-303 camshaft with all roller components, Edelbrock Air Gap intake with 750 Dbl Pumper Holley carb.
Black and Blue stock with fat-mat insulation, roll cage will have later modified seat either pro-car or just later Mustang, undecided
Will have no emblems and all window trim, fuel cap, tail lamp bezels, door handles, quarter side trim (3 fingers) and bumpers will all be blacked out, modified oe front valance metal made Shelby style with a little different angle rake. 280-Z hood scoop welded and molded in on the original hood. Of course fat rear tires :)
only the sweet sound of a 400+ HP SBF exhaust rumbling throughout
Front all original design with Shelby drop repositioned upper arms, v8 coils with one coil removed, 79 Versailles front disc brakes, 2001 V8 Explorer disc brakes and parking brake hardware-cables, Rear has true 4_link Frame rails and suspension for drag racing and panhard bar, 4:56 posi with hardened Currie axles
Wheel and Tire
Rear Drag stars 15x12 with MT 28x15.50x15 tires, front 15x5 26x6 MT fronts



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