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Screaming Yellow
This car is a 69 Grande. Originally a puke green color. Factory A/C. Straight 6cylinder. I am the 4th owner of the car. It has 67,000 original miles and sat in a field from roughly 1982 to 2005. A guy bought the car and filled it full of Bondo but didn't fix anything structurally. My dad bought the car from him and didn't know all of the problems that were underneath. Then in my second year of college my dad gave me the car. I didn't have money to restore the car then and the car sat for another 4 years until I finished my MBA. Roof was rusted through, door was falling off, floors and quarters were gone. Pretty much every piece on the car had been rusted through. I am now currently in the process of restoring the car as I see fit since it isn't a particularly valuable car. All the metal was replace and the car has been repainted. I am assembling the car and taking my time trying to be sure everything is correct and upgrading things where I see fit along the way. I never plan to sell the car, so I plan to do it exactly how I want it.
1969 Ford Mustang (Screaming Yellow)


302 from 84 E350 Conversion Van. Motor was cleaned and painted.
Stock cam
Stock heads
Weiand Street Warrior Intake
Holley 650 carb.
Hedman shorty headers.
1 wire alternator. (voltage regulator removed)
Chrome front sump oil pan, high volume oil pump.
HEI distributor & coil
Moshimoto flexible steel radiator hoses.

AOD transmission conversion. (from stock 85 E350 conversion van)
Lokar TV cable
Home fabricated crossover
Shortened yoke from C4 transmission to fit car and beveled edge.
Stock interior
Vintage air A/C kit. (not yet installed, in boxes still)
69 Shelby convertible side scoops.
Ford screaming yellow paint.
2 pioneer champion series 12s with 2000w amp.
Manual steering (plan to do EPS in the future)
74 Grenada Disc brake conversion
Wheel and Tire
15" Keystone Wheels wrapped with Fuzion tires.



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