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General Information

Mustang 2+2
Candle Apple Red (originally Springtime Yellow)
Purchased by my family in 1977 when I was two years old from a local highway patrolmen.
My family is the third owner of the car.
Likely had original Springtime Yellow paint when purchased. Original 289 and 3 speed trans.
In the first few years of purchase, my dad repainted it to the original yellow because the paint was bad.
He repainted again several years later after it lost a battle against a softball.
Third time it was repainted yellow, I was about 10 and helped sand it. There is a picture of me standing in the backseat through the removed back glass, sanding the top.
Fourth time it was repainted was a basic overall of everything. Sandblasted. Repainted candle apple red in 1990 during my Fresh/Soph year in high school. Replaced with 4 speed trans and new cam and bored the motor.
My daily driver in high school, college, and after for about 10 total years.
Quickly and badly repainted a fifth time while in college after I backed into a pole.
Sixth repaint - full and proper restoration.
1966 Ford Mustang 2+2 (Candle Apple Red (originally Springtime Yellow))



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