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General Information

GT 350 Fastback
Candy Apple Red with Black deluxe interior
Shelby GT 350 - power steeing, tilt wheel, 4 speed,
Found the car in 1982. Ohio car. I am second owner. Car has been restored. It was pretty sad when I found it. One of the few things that I had not replaced or fixed is the rear suspension. I have the 4.5 mid eye leaf springs, Bilstein shocks and hardware to replace all the rear end. Thinking of adding a rear sway bar while I am at it. Front end has been all replaced, Toploader rebuilt, new interior, motor tricked out,
1968 Ford GT 350 Fastback (Candy Apple Red with Black deluxe interior)


When I rebuilt the motor I added different heads, anti pump, lifters and springs, Boss 302 specs cam, COBRA hi-rise intake and COBRA air cleaner, Holley 600 cfm 4 bbl carb, Tri-Y headers,
Monte Carlo Bar curved to accommodate the oval Shelby air cleaner.
Stock except for Hurst shifter with T-handle. All new interior.
None except the louvers and I added a front spoiler.
Original color but car has been repaired and painted. No stripes on hood or top or trunk. Side stripes only.
stock. loud exhaust makes this questionable so I never pursued this. Original owner put an 8 track in the dash and I left it there. Probably should upgrade this.
It sets an inch lower than stock.

Front Suspension:
I've upgraded things like with the new front end, adjustable strut rods, 1" shorter front springs, Koni front shocks, wider radial tires, Monte Carlo bar in engine compartment.
Wilwood 4 piston disc brakes
Rear Suspension:
New 4.5 mid eye leaf springs, Bilstein rear shocks, all new hardware, and going to add a 3/4" rear sway bar. Porterfield racing shoes.
Wheel and Tire
NOS 10 spoke Aluminum Shelby wheels replaced the steel rims and hubcaps.
Tires are Goodrich radials.



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