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Mustang (coupe)
Eventually Kona blue w/matte black accents
Originally "Grande"...code word for slow and cushy with a wood grain interior. ;/
Bought the car in 1999. PO had it stored in a barn for a few years (since 80s IIRCC) and was slowly putting it together. He had a body guy paint the jambs in red in preparation for a full on bright red coat. Had a 2 bbl and C4 auto and was bone stock when I bought it for $1500.

I put a Holley 4bbl, cast iron intake, long tube headers, MSD box, cheap turbo mufflers dumping under the axle and then wrecked it power sliding in come gravel. Sigh.

Took it off the road and it's been a full on restomod project since then. Now Fox/Exploder based EFI, Tremec TK3550, Fays2 Watts link, MustangeSteve Cobra manual brakes w/stainless flex lines and adjustable regulator, iDidIt tilt column, LeCarra 4 spoke wheel, remote shifter lever, Street-or-Track full tubular front suspension, etc.

Continues to be a project...
1969 Ford Mustang (coupe) (Eventually Kona blue w/matte black accents)


Original 302 bored .030, flat top pistons, lumpy Crane Xtreme energy series cam, AFR185s (to come), EFI based on Exploder and Mustang parts and tuned with Moates Quaterhorse chip and laptop, roller rockers, shorty headers, MSD coil, custom fuel lines/tank/pump, etc...

Plans include: trim shock towers a bit, fill extra holes in firewall/engine bay, hide/tuck wiring, 2.5" pipe all the way out the back with hidden turn-downs above the rear valence, not sure on mufflers but will likely put in electric cutouts.
LeCarra 3 spoke polished aluminum and leather wrapped wheel, iDidit tilt column, Flaming River box, remote shifter level, etc.

Plans include: newer model seats (Miata, Mustang, S2000, etc?) recovered in black vinyl or leather, standard rear seats covered to match, LED lighting throughout...not certain about PW/PDL. AC likely...
Plans include: fiberglass or carbon fiber cowl induction hood (~2"), Shelby-style deck lid and quarter extensions, fill a few seams w/lead, delete drip rails, remove fake rear brake ducts and smooth the dimples, etc.
Street-or-Track full tubular front, stock-ish rear with Fays2 Watts link and Del-a-lum bushings in springs...Plan to lower w/different springs. Goal is around 2" drop even front to rear. TCP subframe connectors and X brace ready to install.
Wheel and Tire
2003 Mach1 Mustang 17x8...not sure on tires yet...



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