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General Information

Mustang FB
Sonic blue with article white Shelby stripes, blac
63B, factory in dash AM with8 track, originally white with red int c code with auto.
I purchased it in Sept 75' while attending college in VA. I was a poor 20 year old student but I wanted a 65-68 Fastback. It ran and had a hideous re paint but I could afford it so I bought it. It has been with me most of my life like an old friend. I restored it in 80-81 then immediately wrecked it. It sat for 23 years as life moved on. I finished the second and very complete resto in 03'. This time as a Shelby clone.
1966 Ford Mustang FB (Sonic blue with article white Shelby stripes, blac)


Engine is a 347 short block by FPS in Anaheim. Edy heads, comp XE274HR cam. Air-Gap intake, edy 750 carb. Tremec 3350 trans. FPS stud girdle. Forged crank and H beam rods with forged Ross pistons. Canton 8 qt T pan. 335RWHP, 350RWTQ
Stock Pony interior now black. Original in dash am radio with fact 8- track.
Shelby hood, side scoops, R model apron components hand made by Kent Wilcox, El Cajon CA.
Sonic Blue with Article White Shelby stripes. 66" Shelby rear quarter windows.
Just the sound and smells of a 50 year hot rodded mustang.
Vintage Quickor Engineering 1.125" front and .75" rear sway bars. Shelby drop, speed direct power rack steering. Granada front discs, 9" ford rear with 10x2.5 drums rear. 4 1/5 mid-eye leaf springs. 600 lbs coils using roller spring perches. Edy IAS shocks.
Wheel and Tire
Vintage Wheelworks V45 16x8". Goodrich g-Force 225 50 16 front and 245 50 16 rear.



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