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General Information

Highland Green
The Plain Jane Package
Originally delivered to Saint Paul, I bought it in 2010 from the second owner and my dad and I slowly worked on it over the next five years. It took us five years because there was a lot of rust to cut out of it and a lot of questionable 'repairs' done by the previous owners, stuff like random chunks of metal pop-riveted over the rusty original metal in the trunk and holes torched in the shock towers. It has been on the road ever since we got it back together except for a a few times it had to sit for repairs or modifications.
1968 Ford Mustang (Highland Green)


'68 302 in place of the original I6. I had the 2V heads shaved, 351W valves installed, hardened exhaust seats, bronze valve guides, positive seals, and port matched exhaust. The fuel is delivered by an Autolite 4100 through a '68 4V iron intake. The cam is the Howard's reproduction of the C9OZ-6250-C. KBS coatings Ford corporate blue and a silver paint pen on all the casting numbers make it look nice. I am starting to gather parts to turn this 302 into a Clevor build.
Behind the 302 is a mid 90s T5 and a regular old 2.79:1 peg leg 8 inch diff. The 2.79:1 center section will be rebuilt with Eaton Tru-Track and some more aggressive gears eventually...
Nothing right now, but soon a pair of '69 bucket seats.
Fresh coat of paint, gold C-stripes, LED tails / turn signals / backup lights from vintageleds, fog lights, and a GT flip top gas cap.
Retrosound radio coming soon!
Bilstein shocks (street valve), 1968 competition package springs (Eaton reproductions), roller perches, 1 1/8" sway bar, and the Arning drop.
Wheel and Tire
GT rims (in need of a repaint or rechrome) and driver quality dog dish caps / trim rings.



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