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Glacier Blue
This car was purchased by a schoolteacher originally, and driven until it had about 85k miles on it by 1978. She was a bit concerned that it was 'getting too old' and mentioned that she was thinking about selling it to a friend of hers. He felt that his son might like the car, and purchased it for $3000, which was only a little less than she'd paid for it new. His son repainted the car white, drove it for a couple of years, and then it sat in a garage until 1999. At that point, the owner put an ad in his local paper to sell it, hoping to free up some space. He didn't realize that his ad would be published on the internet too, and that's where I spotted it. "1967 Cougar XR7. Never wrecked, no rust ever, 89,000 miles." I called him, and after a lengthy phone conversation, I purchased it sight unseen - for $3000. I had the car shipped back to Kansas, and daily drove it for years.

Unfortunately, this was the son's first paint job, and he did not adequately prep the car for paint, nor use good quality products. Veronica is now 'Peeling White' in color, pending restoration. The car moved with me back out to California, where I lived for 4 years. She had an engine fire in 2006, and burned every hose and bit of wire on top of the engine, and got relegated to a shed next to a field for a few years. Then I had her shipped back to Kansas. When I moved to Utah, the still unrepaired and burnt car got shipped there too, where she sat in my garage collecting dust. After a surprise (to me) divorce, I lost almost everything I owned. I thought the car was a goner too, but thanks to a good friend, he put it up in HIS garage out in Utah for three years, until I was able to bring it back to Kansas.

I'm in the process of getting a new engine ready to go in, and have redone most of the wiring, repaired the floors (which had rusted from fire extinguisher baking soda being sprayed on them and left for a stupendously long time), and redone a lot of other things that needed to be fixed.
1967 Mercury Cougar (Glacier Blue)


Currently? Burnt junk. Going in soon? 331 stroker with 8 stack fuel injection, Scat crank, Mahle pistons, Holley Terminator X Max EFI, Dual-Synch distributor, Tri-Y headers, 85 5.0 HO cam, '69 351W heads (ported, flow 221 on the intake valve) with 1.94/1.6 valves, 1.7 ratio roller rockers. 4R70W transmission, lightweight aluminum driveshaft, 3.55 rear gears with Torsen limited slip
Interior being restored back almost to stock; dark blue Levant leather, console, wood grain dash - typical XR7 package. High-back '70 XR7 seats in place of the originals. New carpet, underlayment, rustproofing, soundproofing.
'69 Eliminator hood scoop and wing.
AM radio being replaced with upgraded AM/FM/bluetooth/USB innards. New 6X9 speakers in rear deck, 6" speakers in stock kick-panel locations, hidden like factory behind speaker grilles.
Tri-Ys with 2.25" X-pipe duals going through Walker Super Turbos
1" anti-sway bar, KYB Gas-A-Just shocks, 600# 1" drop springs, Granada spindles and front disc brakes, Shelby drop, stock hook-and-eye one year only Cougar lower control arms and articulated strut rods
Wheel and Tire
LW67 aluminum "flat five" rims (similar to original Mercury styled steel wheels), shod in 225/60R15's



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