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Mustang coupe
dark blue
gt, clone, 289 with c4
purchased new from grandfather's Ford Dealership in Sylacauga, Alabama. The car was originally my father's first cousin's car she received for graduation from high school. The car went to college with her and subsequently attended with both of her children. I believe the car has been to Brown and Princeton. My dad sold his 65 convertible gt, rangoon red when my older brother graduated high school so that he could utilize those funds for brother's college expenses. Finding himself without a mustang, he started the rebuild of old blue. The car was not terrible on the rust but was beat to hell with dents everywhere. He put the car back to a respectable condition and we drove it as a spare from time to time. Upon graduating law school my father gave me the mustang and it was identical to the way it was when I was growing up. I have had the car almost 20 years and it has 5000 miles more than when he gave it to me. It stays inside and my biggest problem is keeping the carb from being clogged up. I need to start utilizing stabil a little more. The car is a completely factory correct car with upgrades to other time correct options. There are some items that I personally prefer and installed them without concern of what should have been. Example, I like the rocker panel molding even on a car with the gt stripe. I know it was not ever sold that way but I think it looks great. Thanks
1965 Ford Mustang coupe (dark blue)


289 rebuilt but bone stock. dual exhaust but 2 barrell carb. upgrading to 4 barrell
vinyl, buckets, wood grain delux wheel, pony handles, console, rally pac, wood grain delux tri\m,
gt styling has been added such as fog lights, rear valance, trumpet exhausts, gt striping and emblems. The paint has a bit of pearl in it also. we found a 1984 Ford Ranger factory color that matched the original dark blue on the car perfectly but was base coat clear. Dad sold paint at this parts store so we just mixed up a gallon of that and utilized it on the car. The color turned out great and is still a beautiful finish 20 years later. In the light at night the car appears to have streaks that change color. I guess its the pearl in the paint. Upgraded factory wheels. Legend
new shock absorbers but all stock
Wheel and Tire
white wall. 75 series tire and brand new delux mustang wheels 14 inch. We


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