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  1. Feb 1964 289 engine C40E-6015C 4B3

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    Hello everyone, I just bought an 27 roadster that has a fresh 289 block C40E-6015C, casting date 4B3 (early Feb 1964), 302 heads, 289 internals, no miles on the rebuild. I've been told by a few people this is a not so common block that early Mustang builders would likely want. I'm considering...
  2. 1964 1/2 Fuse Question

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    Hello all, I am fairly new to this forum but have learned lots of knowledge so far. My dad and I are in the process of working on our family mustang as I am home from college and getting it road ready. It is a 289 4 barrel with generator (obviously) and as it has been weathered for many years...