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1967 ford mustang coupe

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    so the carburetor sat through an engine fire for, at most, 2 minutes. I have a 1967 mustang, 289, with the 2100, stock AC, and Power steering. I have since rebuilt the carburetor with guidance from a grandfather. I can see fuel sprayed, when the gas pedal is pulled, I know my pump is set...
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    Just start restoration of my car. And i ask my self to know if they have any specifications for the grill. Because marti reports mentionned an external decor group. And i see two pending wire (mayse for two additional lights?).thnaks for support
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    Hi Everybody, thanks to add me. I'm french living in Paris and happ yto access to my dream i just got my Mustang 2-Door Hardtop- V8 - Built at SanJose - 1967 Riding well, but i'v lot of stuff to do @Interior Thanks
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    Hey guys I’m hoping I can get some input on buying a set of stainless steel long tube headers for my 1967 Mustang with a 289 engine and manual transmission. The car had a set of Long tube headers on it when I purchased it but I do not know the brand. They Are extremely rusty, but fit well, do...
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    I have a 351 Cleveland with a 500 Cfm carb on it which looks like it’s on it’s last breath it’s chocking and just not moving under load (was at first )and I know it’s hold the engine back (had the car only a year btw) and plan to build it completely one day with these spec looking for any...
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    First, to everyone that contributes on this forum, thank you. I have consumed more threads than I can count and no matter the question, I have always been able to find my answer here. I have been waiting to create a build thread for quite some time, and with a little time off around Christmas...