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  1. Girl Meets Mustang's 67 Build

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  2. Help choosing engine for my '67 mustang - 351W or stroked 347?

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    Hi all, I've been rebuilding my 67 mustang since February. Had a few issues with a 302 I have which was assembled and rebuilt poorly, leading to a case of piston slap/engine knock. I'm going to be replacing it completely, but am unsure which route to go. Option A: Crate 351W engine from ATK...
  3. 289 problems

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    I have a 67 mustang with a 289, c4 trans, and edelbrock 4 barrel carb. After driving car for as little as 15-20 minutes on a hot day it heats up to the h and I either turn it off or it will idle bad then die. It has an oversized radiator full to the top and I just changed the oil. I’m wondering...
  4. New to the forum, not new to Mustangs. Pacific NW

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    Hey everyone happy to be here. I own a restored 1965 coupe, was originally a Poppy Red San Fran built C-code with a three speed. Was repainted signal flare red and upgraded to a 347 stroker and a 4-speed. Currently working on a 1966 Deaborn built Fastback. Car was originally candy apple red...
  5. 67 Mustang Horn Ring Spacer

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    I am in need of a horn ring spacer. I have the wooden steering wheel. Does anybody have the part for sale or know of a replacement I might be able to use? Part number: C702-13A865-D