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1968 coupe

  1. Lenny B's 1968 Coupe Seafoam Green

    Lenny B's 1968 Coupe Seafoam Green

    Complete ground up restoration. Project took 750 hours from start to finish.
  2. 70 Mach 1 clock with woodgrain bezel

    Trade/Free Mustang & Ford Parts
    I just picked up a bunch of parts from a guy that did a Mach 1 build 25 years ago. They've been sitting in his barn. Willing to sell individual items, or trade for what I need for my 68 xcode I have a lot more than this dash!
  3. 289 Engine Bay Tidy & Restoration Advice!

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi folks, some much appreciated advice would be helpful. I’d like see ideas on restoring the bay, and what to change, what to keep etc. I personally don’t like the snorkel so the cover is going for a nice shiny new one, but open to ideas on the rest? Relatively new to all of this so all advice...
  4. New school or Old school motor

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I am in the process if a MAJOR re-build. I have a 68 coupe, original 6 cyl w/ 3 speed, that was tubbed, narrowed back in the 90's. Well, it's time to do it right and finish her. I have put in a Heidt's front IFS w/ disc brakes & power steering. I am currently putting in a 4 link in lieu of...