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1968 mustang
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    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a used center console for my `68 and I am having some trouble getting it to take shape. The console itself is a bit beat up but in overall good condition. The trick is that it really does not want to fit right: Specifically, you can see in areas around the...
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    I need some help finding a header that will fit my 68 Mustang with the Flaming River power R&P, 302, AOD transmission. I purchased several sets of short & mid length headers which did not fit. I bit the bullet and bought the Flaming River FR50003c headers and the collectors are at such an...
  3. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello! It has been a MONTH, let me tell you! However, after weeks of finding the literal bottom of the barrel on craigslist, I have found my cheap, but workable beauty: a '68 coupe. Now, I won't lie to you: this thing is BEYOND rough. It genuinely looks like someone dripped paint over piles of...
  4. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello everybody. I'm restoring a 68 mustang and it's being really hard to find some parts in my country (El Salvador). Today I was offer some parts of a mercury comet and I need to know if are the same or similar. The parts are: Spindles Strut rods Upper and lower control arms. Center link...
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    Hey guys, the other day I posted a picture of a plate we found in my 68 mustang. Since the picture was not great I’ve come back with a better one to see if you get any more ideas on what it could be. If it is actually a buck tag could you maybe decode it? Thanks so much!
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    Hi everyone, I just recently got a mustang that is being completely gutted and redone. The other day, we found a plate that was factory welded to a spot behind the grille. Everyone we’ve talked to doesn’t know what it could be so hopefully someone on here will have an idea. Sorry for the poor...
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    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this has been discussed before but I just recently started experiencing a vibration in my 68 convertible. It's a T5 manual 289 car and while driving I'm getting an annoying vibration that seems to be coming from underneath my drivers seat and transmission tunnel Any...
1-7 of 7 Results