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  1. Questions about my new heads.

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    Hi everyone, I bought a pair of flotek heads (Small Block Ford 180cc/58cc | FloTek - Evansville, IN) and I wanted to build a 302 with a good cam that can rev to 7000 RPM. I was reading the info on the website and it says the heads have a range up to 5500 RPM, does that mean the engine wont be...
  2. 1970 Mustang 302

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    Hello all. I am currently looking at a 1970 Mustang Fastback that originally came with a 302 (not boss) and thinking about buying it. However, the wiring harness is completely missing as is the engine and dash. How hard is it to rewire one of these? Also I’m open to any suggestions of which...
  3. 1978 Ford Granada a Good V8 Donor?

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I just came across a really good 1978 Granada with a 302. Are all the parts basically bolt-on from this to a 1965 Mustang? My research is leaning yes, but I'm having a hard time finding specifics. Trying to figure out what I would need to buy on my own. At this point I think it might be drive...
  4. Thoughts on these results for a 347 stroker?

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    Video -Timing is set at 13 BTDC -MSD distributor is set up with 21 degree blue bushing and 2 blue light springs -Idle at 1200 - 1300 rpms -Vacuum at 18 - 19 Hg Does the idle seem a bit high? I can’t seem to dial it down (idle speed screw) without losing vacuum. See video for details.
  5. Motor I.D.

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    Hey guys! New to the forum so I first want to thank y’all for having me! So, I’m sure this has been beaten over the head but I can’t really find complete information. I bought a 65 mustang a couple years back that I’ve been slowly rebuilding. I really got no background info on the car so I...

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    WHAT YALL DOIN? DROP SOME PHOTOS! - MY PICS WILL COME ASAP Extended (influenced) :sneaky: my quarters out ward about an inch each side to accommodate my diff width (rear end's out of a 69). Removed rust (and prior repairs) on the bottom of the quarter panels towards the front of rear wheels...
  7. 302 Engine Problem

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    I put a 1987 Ford 302 truck (block) engine into my 1967 Mustang coupe. It's bored .30 over, roller 1.6 rockers, B303 cam, etc. I'm using the 1987 H.O 302 firing order. The problem is that I cant get the engine to run completely correct. I just replaced the spark plugs, but i'm only firing on 4...
  8. 69' Playing in the Field

    69' Playing in the Field