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  1. Dad’s 1970 Mach 1

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello to all. My dad has a 1970 Mach 1 (a few actually) but one is painted raven black with a red interior. He is about to start restoring it and wants to paint it grabber blue and change the seats to black ones. My question is how rare (or lack there of) is this color combination? I’ve tried...
  2. 351w stroked to 408 oil pressure

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I just built a 408 stroker and my oil pressure flutters very quickly once it warms up. It goes from 38-44 very quickly. When cold it stays at 65. I’ve never had a fluttering problem before and was woundering what it could be or if it’s a concern. When cruising 1500-2000rpms oil pressure stays at...
  3. Holley Sniper on a stock 351w-What manifold fits under a 69 hood?

    Mod and Custom Forum
    I'm replacing the stock 2bbl carb and manifold with a Sniper 4v EFI and aluminum manifold on the 351w motor in my '69 Mach1. The problem I'm having is hood clearance. The motor is stock other than a small Comp Cam. I got the Sniper and a Weiand Stealth manifold from Summit and before I even got...
  4. '96 351w Heads on 289

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello VMF experts, I am about to embark on some lovely cowl repair and will be pulling the original C-Code 289. I have a F4TE 351w disassembled sitting on the stand waiting for the money to build a 408 stroker properly. I am planning on swapping the intake as I have a Holley sniper set ready to...