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  1. Carbed E7 Roller?

    The Fox Hole
    Hey all, sending my 90 roller out for a short block pretty soon here. It forsure needs a cam, possibly new lifters and hone/bore .. its getting my brand new Quick Fuel 600DP vac sec , Air Gap, longtubes, 2.5 dumps, Fresh E7s (i know but they're fresh), my comp roller rockers (High Energy 1.6's)...
  2. 66 with 5.0 A/C problem

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    My 1966 with a 1988 5.0 has this problem where the a/c works good but will eventually cause the car to sputter and die only at idle. Have been taking my time going through it, have cleaned the throttle body and iac (were pretty dirty) but it did not fix the problem. My friend hooked up his ac...
  3. 1966 Mustang with 1988 5.0 question(s)

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    As the title suggests i have a 66 with a 88 5.0.... At the moment i have a non functioning Shelby style hood scoop. The question is is it even worth making the Scoop functioning since the car is no longer carborated? I was thinking of making a sort of duct from the scoop to the air intake on the...
  4. Love/hate , Lucille/Medusa

    Love/hate , Lucille/Medusa