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    I bought a 66 mustang as my high school project to take to college with me. It was original a 200 straight 6 and I am swapping to a slightly modified 302 (gt40 heads, flattop pistons, etc.). My budget is very low and was curious if it'd be possible to keep the 8 inch rear axle and put a stronger...
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    I I feel like I’ve tried every combination of words, searching google for some variation of chip/crack/break/broke and axle housing/housing/carrier mounting surface, etc but I can’t find anywhere else this issue was discussed: I was just about ready to bolt the new drop in center section on the...
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    Hello, Does anybody have experience with installing traction bars with a currie 9 inch rear end housing? I have a currie 9 inch in my 65 and if I remember correctly, the housing required different u-bolts than the stock 8 inch due to the housing being larger. The traction bars I am interested...
1-3 of 3 Results