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  1. Vintage Mustang Forum
    I’m trying to change the flywheel on this c4 that I have but I don’t know which years c4 this is..... the one flywheel that I bought is bigger than the actual flywheel that came with the c4 transmission (Changing it because the teeths are chipped). I’m attaching the number that’s on the...
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey, Just finished putting a T5 transmission into my 1965 mustang and wanted to do a write-up about it. Reason being, I’m grateful for all the info I’ve found on various threads, however, I still had some things I had to figure out that weren’t out there. Also there wasn’t one with a full...
  3. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Just installed a 64 200 six cylinder from a Fairlaine in my 65 Mustang coupe with C4 trans. There is a clicking noise that increases with throttle, but goes away when I out the car in gear. I did not remove the trans when I swapped the engine. Original engine was the original 200 six, and it did...
1-3 of 4 Results